Elixir is the gateway to your healthiest and most beautiful self!

We at Elixir believe beauty isn’t just skin-deep, but all-pervasive. Multiple researches show what is put in one’s stomach is as important – if not more - as whatever’s applied to the face.

Hence, for the discerning, wellness-enthusiast - such as you - we bring a holistic, 360-degree portfolio of products to manifest and enhance your allure from within.

Be it your skin, hair, lips or even stress-alleviation - with its one-stop shop - Elixir has all your beauty needs covered.


The contemporary Indian beauty expert Elixir continuously innovates to offer a wide range of high performance and world class cosmetics and skincare products that have earned recognition from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

We, at Elixir, combine international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman`s needs and offer a comprehensive beauty experience to our customers through products that are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones.


Elixir was the country`s first cosmetic brand to introduce makeup to Indian women and takes pride in being the expert on Indian Beauty for over 50 years. We also take immense pride in being a compassionate beauty brand which is why we do not believe in or support testing on animals. Our bond with beauty and fashion goes beyond skincare & makeup hence it is manifested through the renowned Elixir Fashion Week, which is now the largest fashion event of its kind in the country that celebrates the beauty of fashion.